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Sweetened-by-fruit tobacco
Made from the best materials

Sweetened-by-fruit tobacco is an essential ingredient used in hookah. It is composed of a variety of tobacco leaves, in which a wide range of tastes can be found due to the combination of flavors, additives and sweeteners.
The Egyptians began producing alternative tobacco of coconuts by punching two holes in the coconut with the aim of extracting its juice, before replacing the rubber tube with bamboo wood and at last using burnt clay to put tobacco. Finally, the hookah was created and was considered as the invention of the century at that time. Nowadays it is referred to as "Shisha".
As technology advances and we become more aware of smoking, we are looking for a better product with less nicotine to reassure our customers that we care most about their health.

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As one of the Qalamroo Danesh Iranian Company - Yasrebi Group subsidiary company-  brands was established in 2009 after obtaining the necessary licenses in the field of sweetened-by-fruit tobacco production under the brand name of Al-Hamra from related governmental organizations.
The company’s mission is to provide a high quality, healthy product using high-grade, imported raw materials which are qualified by European countries.


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