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Traditional Tobacco

Of the best herbal ingredients

Traditional tobacco is packed in the form of compressed packages of Khomeyn city of Isfahan, known as Golden Zarde, and packets of this company weighing 500 and 1000 grams are compact and completely hygienic and integrated leaves It is compressed and these types of tobacco are mostly consumed and exported in Arab countries.
Tobacco consumed inside Iran Khansar tobacco is placed in the first row, which is the most consumed in the northwestern part of the country, and Borazjani tobacco is a product from the south of the country and consumed more in the same areas as it is cultivated. Tobacco Isfahan, Kashan, Isfahan province, is cultivated and consumed. Tobacco perception is cultivated in the northeastern part of the country in Khorasan Razavi province.
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Fruit Tobacco (Virginia)

Tobacco in Gilan, Mazandaran and Ilam provinces

Tobacco for smoking and tobacco. Varieties of tobacco in Iran are Virginia, Basma, Barley, the most consumable of which is Virginia Tobacco, which is used mostly in tobacco or fruit tobacco. Most cultivating Virginian tobacco is in Golestan province and Ilam and Mazandaran provinces, which have thin and long leaves that are tall than thin tobacco. This type of tobacco is exported to neighboring countries and Europe to produce cigarettes and fruit tobacco.
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